Home is where the heart is

    Home is where the heart is

    IS home where the heart is?


    We’ve all heard the saying that home is where the heart is but what does that mean for you?


    Home could be your family home. The home you grew up in and has marks on the door frame for all the height you gained by eating your dinner at the family table. Your room that went from being covered in puppy posters to naked adult posters.

    heart coffee

    Home could be the first place you rent. With its slightly damp bathroom and that mould spot you call Drake. With it’s kitchen whose oven door didn’t open all the way as it always hit the opposite cupboard door.


    Home could be the first house you purchase with your own hard earnt cash. It’s a third floor flat with squeezy floorboards that the downstairs neighbour who is never in but always manages to complain about how loud you are not being.


    Home could be the house you buy when you have a family and need a fourth bedroom so single Aunty Meg can babysit whilst you have a night out and teach the kids how to down three spoons of sugar and play football in the china room.


    Home could be the bungalow you downsize to when the kids have all left and it’s just you and your third husband doing puzzles and drinking gin at 1pm.

    gin gin gin

    Home could be deciding to do none of that and setting off traveling the world. Making home a different county every week.


    Home can be whatever and wherever you decide it is. We can build or buy our homes with whoever we choose.


    Where do you consider home?

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