Five ways to save money when going out for the night

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    Keep your money by not buying the rounds

    Every friday night workers across the country down tools and head to the pub. It’s a time to let loose and have a drink with colleagues before heading home and forgetting their existence for the weekend.

    On those nights there are two types of people - the ones who take part in rounds, not keeping track of whose round it really is, adding shots and suggesting a sharing platter that goes on their card.

    Then there are the ones who buy their own drink and head out early.

    drink rounds cost money


    You see the difference?

    One person goes home and wakes up finding £50 has been spent on their card on people they aren’t really that keen about and then the bloke who spent £5.90 on one pint.

    The second person has the right idea if your goal is to make the most out of your money.

    You can stop wasting money on entertainment without becoming a recluse.


    1.    Set a budget before heading out.

    Take cash out of the bank and save the cards for emergency only. Having physical cash leaves you more aware of how far it goes. You become more aware between the decision of one £9 cocktail or two rum and cokes.

    2.    Don’t take part in rounds

    Being in a round has responsibilities. If you start with four people it is general consensus that you stay and have four drinks. But you can’t guarantee that someone leaves early meaning you forked out for drinks that won't be paid back. Keep it cool and let people know from the beginning that way they know your happy getting your own drinks.

    Save money buy your own drinks

    3.    Be ok with being known as cheap

    This one comes with the territory as some people will hassle you for being “cheap” but they won't be the ones with spare cash in the bank at the end of the month.

    4.    Have dinner ready at home

    If you know you are going on a night out think about making sure a dinner will be ready when you get home. If you've spent on drinks the temptation to order in whilst drunk is high and costly. A quick heat lasagne and garlic bread will fill that drunk craving.

    5.    Know that it’s ok once in a while

    If you don’t want to be “tight” every night out, consider committing to just one night out every once in a while and put the weekly budget into a one night budget. £10 a week allows for a £40 spend at the end of the month.

    beer pour splurge

    So now that you’ve got all that spare cash instead of syphoning it into bar tills what to do with it?

    Whatever you want!

    You can save it all up and treat yourself or you can start setting it aside, perhaps for early retirement or the kids savings pot.


    Let us know if you have found inventive ways to have a night out and still have your cash in your wallet.


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    your friendly source of
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